Adelaide Airport Video 2-8-11

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Adelaide Airport Video 2-8-11

This week there were some major changes going on at Adelaide Airport with the opening of the new Western Link Road. On Monday night, 1st August 2011 the WATPAC construction crews adjusted the barricades to close off Sir Richard Williams Avenue to allow further construction of the new Multi Level Car Park. Traffic is being redirected down Jame Schofield Drive and the new roadway that was constrcted across the old General Aviation (GA) area.

Patricia and I were there at about 2330 hours producing a video for which you may have seen on the front page of this site. We used some new gear that I have mentioned in the Blog before, a suction/limpet mount system on the car for the cameras.

The limpet mount performed excellently! Vibration was at a minimum and the Active Steadyshot in the camera took care of the rest. The 3 points of contact with the mount increased the stability enormously.

Also, we did not use any lighting for the talking head pieces as we wanted to reflect the hour of the day. The street lighting was enough for the Exmor sensor in the camera.

Here is the video: