About Us

Aviation is our passionThe passion of the Aviation Media crew for everything aviation came about originally from a hobby.Plane Spotting.All of our crew have always been aviation photographers and this has brought a keen eye and sense of what looks good when photographing aircraft.The Aviation Media Manager, David Hales has over twenty years experience in television media industry and this added the aspect of video. Also with a keen interest in aviation and doing things right, this allowed the extra service Aviation Media can provide.

Two of the lead peronnel are also web designers. This expertise is combined with our still images and video to produce high quality media productions.Our experience in working with authorities will benefit your production as we can take care of most of the permissions required with airports and companies.We are experience in pre-event organisation and even have an Events Manager if you need assistance in organising your aviation event.Avaition Media can assist with many aspects of promotion including TV time. Just call to discuss your requirements.T: 08 8325 2996